HARVEY mx.16 Front view

HARVEY mx.16 is a flexible audio and media control matrix and a key component for PA systems...

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Audio Measurement system AUBION X.8

The AUBION X.8 is a professional multi-channel audio AD/DA converter with integrated microphone amplifiers and real-time transport...

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ISOSTEM Expert side view

ISOSTEM generates a fully adequate surround sound from stereo signals in realtime and is therefore especially suitable...

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Vivaldi Comm Srl. to take over sales in Italy

DSPECIALISTS expands sales network for HARVEY mx.16 and is pleased to announce the appointment of Vivaldi Comm Srl as new distributor of the audio and media control matrix HARVEY mx.16 and its forthcoming new models for Italy. HARVEY mx.16 is equipped with 16 analog audio inputs and outputs as well as a number of different control interfaces and is suitable for use in conference rooms, theatres, home cinemas, museums and many other installations.

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Trade Fair Schedule

Signal Processing

Our library of tried and tested algorithms comprises the whole spectrum, that is required for the development...

DSP-Board DSPE-256


DSPECIALISTS audio system DSPE-256 is a compact DSP module based on Analog Devices ADSP21369. It allows processing...


DSPECIALISTS also offers audio signal processing systems for intercom applications that require a very high speech intelligibility,...


With over 25 years of experience delivering advanced digital signal processing solutions to companies worldwide, Nutaq serves customers across the world in Germany, specifically, through DSPECIALISTS GmbH.

Sales partner

DSPECIALISTS GmbH is the distributor of condition monitoring systems for wind turbines by TÜV Rheinland.

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