About us


DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH was founded in 2003 in Berlin as a provider of innovative DSP solutions with a focus on pro audio, measurement technology and intercom. In the following years several dsp boards were developed in the context of development contracts with well-known customers. The components are equipped with a multitude of complex functions and can be adapted to customer-specific requirements and are manufactured in series. Based on the long-standing experience in the business, DSPECIALISTS developed their own devices for pro audio and measurement applications. Since 2005 DSPECIALSTS distributes the development systems of the Canadian manufacturer Nutaq Inc. in Germany and Austria.

Core competencies

Today the portfolio of DSPECIALISTS comprises own audio and measurement devices, development services and hardware and software components, that are adapted to customer-specific requirements and integrated into existing systems. The development services range from pure consulting to hardware and software development based on existing dsp boards to complete new developments including serial production. DSPECIALISTS is particularly active in the areas of pro audio and industry. Regardless of whether it is about speed measurement of industrial emissions, vibration analysis of gearboxes, beamforming in line array loudspeakers, noise cancellation in intercom systems or upmix for surround sound. We will find the perfect solution also for your particular application.


Our declared objective is to provide our customers an innovative, competitive advantage and to support them to always keep one step ahead of the competition. When we work together with customers in long-term development projects, mutual trust is of utmost importance. Therefore, it goes without saying for us, that in such cases we will no longer work with a direct competitor to our customer.