The AUBION X.8 is a professional multi-channel audio AD/DA converter with integrated microphone amplifiers and real-time transport for eight Mic/Line/SPDIF input ports and four Line/SPDIF output ports via a conventional Ethernet network from and to your PC.

Fields of application are electronic and room-acoustic measurements at multiple locations, designing and testing loudspeakers or commissioning sound systems.

Audio Measurement system AUBION X.8


ISOSTEM generates a fully adequate surround sound from stereo signals in realtime and is therefore especially suitable for use in broadcast, studios and post production.

ISOSTEM provides access to a great variety of parameters to create the perfect mix of center, LFE, front and rear channels. To receive excellent results at the press of a button, various presets for different sources are available.

ISOSTEM Expert side view

HARVEY mx.16

HARVEY mx.16 is a flexible audio and media control matrix and a key component for PA systems and conference systems.  It is equipped with 16 analog audio inputs and outputs as well as a great number of different control interfaces and is the ideal matrix for conference rooms, theatres, museums, home cinemas, educational facilities and multipurpose rooms.

HARVEY mx.16 Front view