Audio and Control Matrix HARVEY

HARVEY is a flexible audio and media control matrix and a key component for PA systems and conference systems. It is equipped with analog audio inputs and outputs as well as a large number of different control interfaces and the ideal matrix for conference rooms, home cinemas, museums, educational facilities, multipurpose rooms and theatres.

HYPERMATRIX® - example
HARVEY back 8x8-DA
Harvey Front
Harvey back
HARVEY Remote Control RC4-EU
HARVEY Remote Control RC4-EU
HARVEY Remote Control RC4 US-GO
HARVEY Remote Control RC4 US-SI


The unit has extensive audio processing functions that can be configured in a way that is tailored precisely to the respective application. These settings can also be saved as a preset and retrieved at the press of a button so that you can change fast between different installation options.


Due to the varied control interfaces HARVEY mx.16 can connect to very different devices and act as a central control unit for audio, lighting and media technology. It converts the data between the interfaces and eliminates the need for additional converters. In addition to the new HARVEY Remote Control RC4 also all established media control systems are suitable for controlling HARVEY and all of the other devices connected to it.


The user interface of HARVEY mx.16, the HARVEY Composer, has a simple operating philosophy: The menu structure is clearly arranged, elements are composed in a project by drag & drop and configured immediately in the context menu. That allows you to configure complex projects with only a few mouse-clicks.

User Interface

The user interface of HARVEY is characterized by its clarity and simple structures. It allows for intuitive use and enables every user to develop detailed planning layouts for complex projects in only a few steps.

The HARVEY-Composer's key features:

  • Bundling of parallel lines
  • Insertion of signal processing per drag & drop
  • Layout with automatic adjustment and right-angled wiring arrangement
  • Summing up of logical functions into groups
  • Separate layers for audio and control paths
  • Hardware processor load in offline mode
  • No compiling necessary






In addition to audio signal processing, lighting and media control, the new generation allows
for a flexible response to different market requirements with regard to the number of channels. The audio input and output channels can be scaled in steps of 4, allowing HARVEY to cover the spectrum from small projects with an 8×8 audio matrix to special applications with e. g. 4×24 channels. An appealing wall-mounted remote control for the most important functions completes the product portfolio.

HARVEY mx.16

HARVEY mx.16 - Frontansicht

HARVEY mx.16

HARVEY mx.16 front view

HARVEY mx.16 is the flexible audio and media control matrix and a key component for pa systems and conference systems. It is equipped with 16 analog audio inputs and outputs as well as a great number of different control interfaces.

HARVEY Remote Control - RC4


HARVEY Remote Control - RC4


HARVEY RC4 is a programmable, Ethernet-based wall-mount remote control. RC4 is capable to control presets, audio levels or DMX-lamps. All RC4 LEDs and buttons can be individually customized in their color and brightness.

Example Projects


Conference Room

Great demands are placed on today’s modern conference rooms. They have extensive sound technology, presentation systems, air conditioning as well as lighting and room-darkening equipment.

In the ideal scenario, all of these can be operated centrally from one media control unit so that the speaker can concentrate solely on his or her presentation.
This is where the HARVEY mx.16 comes into its own as an audio processor for microphone management, audio sources, sound systems, video conferences and sound recording. Thanks to its extensive control options, the HARVEY mx.16 can be integrated into this infrastructure via its logical connections and various interfaces, and can control the presentation system, air conditioning and lighting.
In this example of a conference room one HARVEY mx.16 is used for the automatic mix of the conference microphones as well as for the ceiling speakers. A second matrix with VoIP-Add-on is required for the integration of external conference participants with connection to further loudspeakers and active echo cancellation. Keypads for switching between the usage settings of a room as well as the network-based media control are connected via the control inputs.


Technical drawingHorizontal projection



In this example one HARVEY mx.16 is used to connect 8 microphones, further line sources, and 16 individually addressable loudspeaker groups.

In-wall key-pads and control dials for retrieving presets or for direct volume control are connected via the control inputs. Loudspeakers and amplifiers are connected via RS485, a media control is integrated via Ethernet/W-Lan.


Church - Technical drawingChurch - Horizontal projection


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