Modern devices cannot exist without software. In fact, most device features are realized in software, these days, which has led to a boost in possibilities of what can be done. Even simple devices offer the configuration and interaction through web interfaces or run operating systems which were only known in desktop computers or servers only few years ago.

State-of-the-Art Competence

DSPECIALISTS employs a team of experienced engineers and computer scientists, capable of adapting the latest trends while not forgetting about the valuable past. Modern web interfaces or highly optimized DSP code: DSPECIALISTS software engineers provide the best fitting solution for each problem.

For illustration purposes only, the following list constitutes an excerpt of the competence and experience offered by the DSPECIALISTS software team:

  • Digital signal processing for audio and measurement applications
  • High performance network communication
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Modern web interfaces, HTML5/Javascript
  • GUI development
  • Embedded Linux development
  • DSP programming/optimization
  • Real time systems
  • Windows driver development
  • Linux kernel development

Development Processes

To assure best quality and traceability software projects follow modern development processes and quality standards, such as:

  • Test driven development
  • Automatic regression tests
  • Model based software development, UML
  • Safety Integrity Level certification, SIL
  • MISRA coding styles


To make use of the experience and knowledge gained in previous projects, DSPECIALISTS has a growing collection of well tested library functions dedicated to build a high quality foundation in new software projects. Building on these libraries, the software team is able to focus on the project specific applications which make up a unique product.

The DSPECIALISTS signal processing library has been improved and intensively tested over many years, and offers processing functions which are suited to build any audio and intercom application without having to worry about calculating filters, fourier transformations or echo cancellation.

Targeting network based intercom systems, the DSPECIALISTS networking library tackles problems like drift and jitter management, audio codecs and protocols for external device control.

Specification and Integration

Software development is no isolated task at DSPECIALISTS. Hardware and software developers cooperate tightly in defining and refining the entire system design for the best performance of all components. Guiding and optimizing that proccess is the job of the DSPECIALISTS system engineers and project managers. They produce specifications to keep all stakeholders in sync with requirements and design and - more importantly - keep them alive.