Steffens Systems

When developing Evolutone, Steffens Systems worked DSPECIALISTS. While Steffens Systems is responsible for the overall concept, DSPECIALISTS developed the entire electronics and software for the loudspeaker. DSPECIALISTS took responsibility for serial production of the electronic board of the loudspeaker.

Steffens Systems GmbH from Cologne has been active in the area of church sound systems for more than 50 years. Evolutone loudspeakers have beamforming, which can bundle the sound and control its path so precisely that all possible listener positions receive the sound in equal measure. Not only that, but acoustic feedback and reverberation are avoided. This technology guarantees excellent clarity of speech, something that is often difficult to achieve, especially in churches.

The Evolutone loudspeakers are distributed worldwide successfully and are used in hundreds of installations like Bremen Cathedral, the Grossmünster in Zurich or Liège Cathedral in Belgium.