DSPECIALISTS also offers audio signal processing systems for intercom applications that require a very high speech intelligibility, for example intercom systems in trains or emergency call handling systems of fire departments. Existing dsp boards and extensive audio libraries enable us to realize customized systems according to individual requirements within a very short time. Please talk to us.

The available algorithms include:

in the area of signal processing:

  • AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)
  • LEC (Line Echo Cancellation)
  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
  • LAD (Level Activity Discriminator)
  • ANC (Automatic Noise Cancellation)
  • Filter / Equalizer (parametric, filter types per band: Peaking, Notch, Low-/High-Pass, High-/Low-Shelf)
  • Dynamic Processor (Noise Gate, Expander, Compressor, Limiter)
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • QRMS Level Measurement
  • RMS Level Measurement
  • Switching matrix with node gains
  • Volume adjustment with fading


in the area of network-related software:

  • SRC (Sample Rate Conversion)
  • Speech Codecs:
    • ITU G.722 (BW 7 kHz)
    • G.711 (BW 3.4 kHz)
    • G.722++ (BW 15 kHz), no standard version
  • RTP streaming
  • Jitter Buffer Management
  • TCP/UDP Control
  • SNMP
  • SIP