Network-related Software

Network-related software

A large proportion of today's communication systems uses network technology as a transfer medium. Limited transmission bandwidth and different sample rates at the sender and receiver ends require special procudures to ensure the transmission quality. At the same time standardized protocols and management software allow the development of powerful intercom systems. Due to our comprehensive library and our experience in implementing we can support our customers in the development of those systems.

  • SRC (Sample Rate Conversion)
  • Speech Codecs:
    •   ITU G.722 (BW 7 kHz)
    •   G.711 (BW 3.4 kHz)
    •   G.722++ (BW 15 kHz), no standard version
  • RTP streaming
  • Jitter Buffer Management
  • TCP/UDP Control
  • SNMP
  • SIP