HARVEY® in Fürstenberg Hall in Friedenweiler

HARVEY® convinces also after installation with easy handling in the multi-purpose community hall in Friedenweiler.

HARVEY® is a product family of high-quality audio DSPs which, with its numerous interfaces, also performs numerous control tasks. Analogue inputs and outputs as well as AES and Dante are available as audio interfaces. In addition, HARVEY® offers numerous control options. In addition to TCP/IP, RS485 and RS232, GPIOs can also be freely programmed. With the HARVEY Remote RC4, DSPECIALISTS offers the appropriate remote control. The freely programmable RC is Ethernet-based and designed for wall mounting. This allows HARVEY® to call up the optimum setup for every conceivable scenario and to communicate with other devices.


For the installation in the Fürstenberg Hall in Friedenweiler, these features were decisive due to the use of the room for a wide variety of community activities. In addition to theatre performances, club celebrations, meetings and conferences, the hall is also used by the local kindergarten, but also by a senior citizens' gymnastics group, and is made available for private parties.

Fürstenberg-Saal Friedenweiler

Ease of use for each user to set the desired scenario in each case was a very important requirement of the municipality for the new sound reinforcement solution, which was planned and installed by Christian Fuchs. The existing 100V system was removed and replaced by 4 x KV2 ESD6. Connections for optional sub-basses (KV2 EX1.2) were installed in front of the stage. The amplifier, a HARVEY Pro 12x8-DA, four radio microphone receivers, a Bluetooth receiver and various network technology were installed in a locked equipment cabinet.

Wherever several audio sources are to be flexibly distributed to different rooms, or different acoustic and visual scenarios are to be created in a room at the touch of a button, HARVEY acts in the background and the Remote Control RC4 in the foreground. Scenarios created via HARVEY Composer are saved as presets for the venue and recalled via the RC4. In the community hall, the number of handheld transmitters is selected at the touch of a button, or the use of an external mixing console (e.g. for theatre performances) is set. The volume of music recordings is controlled by encoder of RC4. Further buttons connected to HARVEY via GPIO can be used to connect a Bluetooth receiver or an optional headset microphone. A potentiometer, also connected via GPIO, enables the volume for the microphones to be set within a limited range.

Fürstenberg-Saal Friedenweiler - Technik

Four analogue inputs (L, R, Sub, Mon) are available for connecting an external mixing console. A mixing console can also be connected via Dante®. Via the Dante interface, four inputs to the system and also the microphone receivers, mini-jack signal and Bluetooth receiver are provided as sources by HARVEY for the external mixing console.

Since installation at the beginning of 2023, many events and various activities of the associations have already been carried out with the new sound solution and all users can easily operate the system thanks to the simple push of a button.

DSPECIALISTS will present HARVEY® at the upcoming Tonmeistertagung from 08 to 11 November at the Congress Center Düsseldorf, booth #34.