HARVEY® Preview ISE 2024

HARVEY® with new features at Integrated Systems Europe Barcelona 2024

The year 2023 had a very special significance for DSPECIALISTS. In the year of our 20th anniversary, we intensively expanded our international sales network and developed further new HARVEY® features.

At Integrated Systems Europe 2024, we will be presenting the HARVEY product family with new software features that make it even easier to use. The entire user interface is even clearer thanks to a clear block structure and allows intuitive operation and allows every user to create detailed planning setups for complex projects in just a few steps.

Not only logic signals, but also audio levels and DMX settings can be easily transferred to different zones via the Zone Control block. The HARVEY Remote Controls can be used to configure individual zones and control them during operation. Thanks to its DMX capability, a remote control can control individual lamps or dedicated colour channels depending on the situation. In the HARVEY Composer, different signal types are handled in a standardised manner. This means, for example, that only when a level control is connected to the zone control block is it specified that a level value should also be automatically present on the output side. This makes programming even easier and faster for the installer, as he can always configure logic control, audio level and light according to the same scheme.

Sometimes Creating a Note is required in the worksheet for a setting or a specific status of a project. Composer now also offers the option to do this. Simply right-click with the mouse in the worksheet and notes can be added.

The new Timer Block allows you to flexibly set up delayed triggering of actions in HARVEY. Timer blocks can be integrated at any point in the logic cabling for activation. This feature can be used, for example, if the delayed selection of the image source is to be set up as a preset when switching on a projector or if light sequences are to be controlled.

The new "Long Press Trigger" function is primarily used for applications where the desired action is only carried out after the operator holds for example the HARVEY Remote Control button for a longer time period pressed. The logic signal for pressing the button can come from a remote control or a logic input. This prevents accidental input errors due to unintentional contact and unwanted effects, such as switching off a projector during a presentation.

The TCP Client Block will also be available with HARVEY Software Release v3.8. In addition to the UDP client, the TCP client block gives HARVEY the possibility to control external devices via TCP. Especially when used in conference rooms to control projectors, for example, this application is standard and more preferred than the available control via RS232.


DSPECIALISTS presents HARVEY® during Integrated Systems Europe 2024 in Barcelona in Hall 7 Booth F840 and offers free entry with using the code DQM554G9 by registration on