Release 2.7 of the HARVEY® configuration software is available

The new release 2.7 of the HARVEY® configuration software makes the journey into the HYPERMATRIX® even more comfortable.

With the new release HARVEY Composer and Firmware 2.7 the user feedback on the HYPERMATRIX® configuration software, which has been available for a good one and a half years, has been taken into account to introduce several improvements. HARVEY Hypermatrix enables the uniquely simple distribution of an audio project to different HARVEY devices in the network. The positive feedback from customers and distribution partners during installations of various successful Hypermatrix projects and the commitment of DSPECIALISTS' team to continuous performance improvement are intertwined.

For complex network configurations with integrated firewalls, switches or routers, which could block the Hypermatrix Discovery Automation, an IP address is now optionally set manually at individual Hypermatrix nodes, so that the Hypermatrix Discovery Automation can work undisturbed. HYPERMATRIX® allows multiple HARVEYs to be configured as if they were a single device. In the process, the performance when loading hypermatrix projects on all devices in the network has been improved. To ensure the correct distribution of a large project to all connected devices, the performance has also been further improved.

The displays of the current operating point for compressor, limiter, ducker and Automatic Gain Control (AGC), requested by many users, are also included in the new release. The respective status can be read directly and intuitively on the characteristic curve in the diagram of a block in Composer. The seamless integration into the HARVEY hypermatrix is almost a matter of course. Status values of all HARVEY devices in a project are available in HARVEY Composer across networks.

Many other small detail improvements complete the 2.7 release and can be read in the release notes. Also with the HARVEY Composer software Release 2.7 the HARVEY firmware can be updated to the latest version in the usual way. DSPECIALISTS offers the configuration software for free download on the website In principle, the software can be installed and used on a PC, even without having a HARVEY device in operation. In this way, various use cases or project setups can be tried out in advance in a simple and elegant way.