HARVEY® product family with new Composer Software 2.5

DPECIALISTS offers a higher performance and new features with the new configuration software release 2.5 for its product family HARVEY®.

DSPECIALISTS GmbH continuously works on performance improvements and develops new features for the HARVEY® product family. DSPECIALISTS emphasizes the easy way to configure HARVEY® for various applications and focusses to a convenient set up of complex tasks of a project within a few minutes. During ISE 2020 in Amsterdam DSPECIALISTS showcased already "HARVEY AMP", HYPERMATRIX® configuration software, HARVEYs remote controls and offers now the next configuration software release for its product family HARVEY®.

The new Composer software 2.5 fully supports the new Remote Control RC12, which DSPECIALISTS presented as a prototype at the ISE 2020 in Amsterdam. The RC12 can select channels in a HARVEY device, call up presets or trigger the sending of commands, whether via the serial interface or the IP network, using its 12 freely programmable buttons. This feature makes it possible to control other devices in a network in the most convenient way, e.g. to start a projector. To name further examples: RC12 can be used for source selection and can indicate the currently active channel via its push-button colors. It is also possible to define complete color schemes for all push-buttons for different scenarios.

HARVEY Remote Control RC12 US-AL

With a new H-Text command “store preset” it is possible to safe an active parameter set into a preconfigured preset. With this new command users can store by an external network device own light scenes, volume settings or matrix configuration within an existing installation, which can then be recalled later.


HARVEY Composer 2.5 - Example

The DSP performance of matrix operations in HARVEY Pro devices has now more than doubled with the new HARVEY Pro firmware version 2.5. The DSP load indication is always based on the latest firmware. It is recommended to upgrade older versions. Therefore, HARVEY Composer offers a firmware upgrade whenever it is connected to a device running outdated firmware.

With the HARVEY Composer Software 2.5 the HARVEY firmware can be upgraded as well in the usual way to the latest version including the control code for RC12. DSPECIALISTS offers the configuration software for free download on the website
The software can be installed on any PC without using a HARVEY device. In this way, different use cases or project setups can already be tried out in a simple and elegant way.