Vivaldi Comm Srl. to take over sales in Italy

DSPECIALISTS expands sales network for HARVEY mx.16 and is pleased to announce the appointment of Vivaldi Comm Srl as new distributor of the audio and media control matrix HARVEY mx.16 and its forthcoming new models for Italy. HARVEY mx.16 is equipped with 16 analog audio inputs and outputs as well as a number of different control interfaces and is suitable for use in conference rooms, theatres, home cinemas, museums and many other installations.

Vivaldi Comm is based in Venice and started as distributor of audio and video technologies at the beginning of this year. The company is part of the Vivaldi Group, a leading provider of audio video domotic technology. As specialist in the industry Vivaldi Comm is focused on pa systems, lighting, audio-/video- multirooms, media and conference technology. The portfolio includes several well-known manufacturers of products for conference and simultaneous translation systems. It is perfectly complemented with DSPECIALISTS’ audio and media control matrix HARVEY mx.16 with its divers audio and control interfaces. The matrix controls not only audio, lights and different kinds of media technical devices, it even can be controlled by DMX or the new web interface.