HARVEY mx.16 controllable via DMX

DSPECIALISTS published a new release of the HARVEY mx. 16 firmware and software that allows to control the matrix via DMX and to use customary, cost-effective DMX controllers as a control interface for HARVEY mx.16. In this way levels can be directly assigned to individual DMX channels and control events can be triggered. Through this assignment many different events and statuses can be controlled, for example, if a value exceeds or falls below a threshold, presets can be called, mute modes can be activated and external devices can be controlled. With its new ability to communicate via DMX it is also possible to integrate the audio matrix into a complex DMX installation and to control it exclusively via an individual DMX universe.
Moreover, the web control has been further developed and equipped with a WYSIWYG editor. In a current project in the HARVEY Composer, you can automatically generate a web control just by pressing a button. In the Editor you can add, delete and move additional control elements.

All features presented are available immediately.