HARVEY® Pro now offers own Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Telephone conferences can be easily realized via a public address system operated with HARVEY without disturbing room echo. HARVEY-AEC does not require any additional hardware and is available free of charge on all HARVEY Pro units with an update to firmware 3.0. Despite the limitation to one channel, the AEC can be easily integrated into installations with several microphones and is ideally suited for small and medium-sized conference rooms.

Multi-channel AEC for microphones distributed over a wide area or several rooms is possible using several HARVEY Pro units. With HYPERMATRIX®, HARVEY Pro units can be easily integrated into a project, and handling multiple AEC channels becomes child's play.

HARVEY Composer AEC - Project example

HARVEY Pro AEC / Composer project example


The AEC uses a combination of adaptive filtering and Voice Activity Detection (VAD). The VAD enables the prioritization of audio signals and automatically lowers the channels on which no speech is taking place. Under difficult conditions, the adaptive filter of the AEC is supported by the VAD and ensures complete echo cancellation.


HARVEY Pro AEC / Principle of the function