DSPECIALISTS launches new dynamic processor ISOSTEM Loudness Ranger for AudioTools Server at NAB

DSPECIALISTS launches the new processing module for AudioTools Server – a file-based audio automation platform for broadcasters.

DSPECIALISTS have developed a new dynamic control solution that achieves a reduction in the Loudness Range (LRA according to ITU BS.1770 and EBU R.128) without producing audible artefacts. The algorithm ISOSTEM Loudness Ranger combines multiple measurement layers from various time windows, and applies numerous infinitesimal signal corrections. In this way the LRA can be reduced without affecting the quality of the signal. Furthermore the method either adjusts the programme loudness of the signal to a user-defined value or alternatively preserves the original value. In any case an adjustable maximum True Peak Level is met.

“AudioTools Server is widely regarded as the most advanced platform in use today by broadcasters for enterprise level loudness control. To meet the challenge of controlling dynamic content through the play-out chain, our processing fits directly into a carefully designed workflow as an ATS module. Our processing module will be easily integrated into current workflows,” says Jochen Cronemeyer, Managing Director of DSPECIALISTS.

The plugin for Audio Tools Server will be launched during the NAB 2015 at the Minnetonka booth. It will be sold through Minnetonka Audio Software authorized, international ATS sales channel as from now. Visit Minnetonka at NAB 2015, Booth SU10410.