DSPECIALISTS will develop a new version of HARVEY mx.16

DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH, provider of development services and products for digital audio signal processing, has announced a new addition to the HARVEY mx.16 product family. The product range is being extended by two audio and media control matrices each with eight analog audio inputs and outputs in order to address a broader customer spectrum in future and also work with smaller installations.

The HARVEY mx.8 with 2 RU in addition to having eight analog audio inputs and outputs is, like the HARVEY mx.16, equipped with diverse control interfaces with
0-10V inputs, relay outputs, optocoupler inputs, RS 232, RS485 and Ethernet. Cobranet is also available as an option for this version.

HARVEY mx.8-1U with 1 RU is the smallest variant and also has eight analog audio inputs and outputs as well as RS485 and Ethernet.

As such, from autumn 2013, the range will include three matrices of different size with 16x16 channels, optionally with Cobranet, for extensive installations right up to 8x8 matrix for line monitoring. Pending the availability of HARVEY mx.8, DSPECIALISTS is offering the 16-channel audio and media control matrix HARVEY mx.16 for an introductory price.

HARVEY mx.16 is a flexible audio and media control matrix and a key component for public address and conference systems. With 16 analog audio inputs and outputs and equipped with a great number of different control interfaces, it is suitable for use in conference rooms, theatres, home cinemas and many other installations.