HARVEY is a flexible audio and media control matrix and a key component for pa systems and...

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ISOSTEM Expert Frontansicht

The name ISOSTEM stands for innovative audio tools for professional use in the fields of broadcasting, production...

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AUBION X.8 Frontansicht

Production of AUBION X.8, the 8-channel audio measuring device, has been discontinued. For repair requests we are...

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DSPECIALISTS: Wir beraten Sie gern. Sprechen Sie uns an.

The services we offer include the development of a dsp system consisting of hardware and software, development...

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Our services in the field of hardware development comprise the following processes: development of the electronic design,...

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DSPECIALISTS employs a team of experienced engineers and computer scientists, capable of adapting the latest trends while...

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20 years of Dspecialists - Interview with Jochen Cronemeyer

Special print from Professional System  3-2023

Berlin’s specialists for digital audio and measurement systems celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding in January 2023. Today, the company operations strike a balance between audio technology and industrial solutions, for example for wind turbines.

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Signal Processing

Our library of tried and tested algorithms comprises the whole spectrum, that is required for the development...

DSP-Board DSPE-256


DSPECIALISTS audio system DSPE-256 is a compact DSP module based on Analog Devices ADSP21369. It allows processing...


DSPECIALISTS also offers audio signal processing systems for intercom applications that require a very high speech intelligibility, for example intercom systems in trains or emergency call handling systems of fire departments.