Münster Cathedral gets Evolutone from Steffens Systems

Münster Cathedral (St. Paul’s) has been fitted with loudspeaker systems from the company Steffens Systems. In the past fifty years, Steffens Systems has made a name for itself mainly as a specialist in acoustic equipment for churches.

Münster Cathedral remained closed during 15 months of extensive refurbishment and was ceremoniously reopened on 16 February 2013. In addition to a new roof and a new heating and ventilation system, the cathedral – which was built in 1264 – was also given a completely new loudspeaker system among other things. Because of its outstanding sound characteristics, the DSP-controlled Evolutone line array speaker from Steffens Systems was chosen. Evolutone loudspeakers have beamforming, which can bundle the sound and control its path so precisely that all possible listener positions receive the sound in equal measure. Not only that, but acoustic feedback and reverberation are avoided. This technology guarantees excellent clarity of speech, something that is often difficult to achieve, especially in churches. Münster Cathedral has had a total of 16 Evolutone upright loudspeakers of different sizes installed.

When developing Evolutone, Steffens Systems worked together with Berlin’s expert for digital signal processing, DSPECIALISTS. While Steffens Systems is responsible for the overall concept, DSPECIALISTS developed the entire electronics and software for the loudspeaker. “We are extremely happy with the result of our cooperation”, says Christoph Bonde, Managing Director of Steffens Systems. “The specialists have managed a tailormade, integrated solution of hardware and software that meets our high demands in every respect. In addition to the system’s quality and performance, we also appreciate the trusting and long-term cooperation as well as the flexibility with which our individual wishes were met at all times.”

Jochen Cronemeyer, Managing Director of DSPECIALISTS GmbH added: “We are proud that we can count Steffens Systems as one of our customers. The company has decades of experience in the area of audio technology and is Germany’s market leader in sound systems for churches, which are technically very complex. Steffens Systems recognized the trend towards digital upright loudspeakers at an early stage and commissioned us with the electronic development of a modern upright loudspeaker including beamforming. Thanks to the precise details provided, we were able to complete development at a fast pace and successfully achieve series-production readiness. As such, we once again reached the goal we have set ourselves – namely, to make our customers even more successful in their markets through innovative products and services.”

Other impressive references where Evolutone is in use are Bremen Cathedral, the Grossmünster in Zurich or Liège Cathedral in Belgium.