New software release for ISOSTEM available

DSPECIALISTS announced a new software release with significant improvements for the upmix unit ISOSTEM. Most of the broadcasting companies strive for compliance with standardized program loudness by the European Broadcast Union (EBU). The ISOSTEM product family with its new software release takes these needs into account.

The upmix and downmix guarantee that the program loudness of the original signal, adjusted according to the EBU R128, is maintained – without any impairment to the well-known, excellent upmix and downmix quality. The latency is kept at 40 ms as in previous versions. Additional improvements have been integrated into this release, too. It is now available for download on the website.

ISOSTEM is an upmix system that generates a fully adequate surround sound from stereo signals in realtime and is therefore especially suited for use in broadcasting, studios and post production. It is the only upmix system that is fully compatible with stereo, delivering a surround stem that downmixes exactly to the original stereo.