DSPECIALISTS celebrates its 10th year in business

DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH, provider of development services and distributor of products for digital signal processing is celebrating its 10th year of business this year. The company was founded on 22 January 2003 by Jochen Cronemeyer, Stefan Schmitt and Jens Kolupa as a provider of development services specializing in digital signal processing with a focus on audio and measuring technology. Ten years later, the company has broadened its portfolio:


In the area of measuring technology, DSPECIALISTS has primarily made a name for itself with vibration analysis and process measurement technology. The diagnostic and measurement systems are used in various different industrial sectors, for example, to detect bearing damage in high-speed trains, material fatigue in wind power plants or for measuring the exhaust gas velocity of combustion processes in coal-fired power plants.


DSPECIALISTS also has extensive know-how in the area of audio technology. Over the course of time, a great number of components have been developed with a wide range of functions such as acoustic echo cancellation, acoustic noise cancellation or Voice over IP. These are adapted to fit in with customer-specific products and are delivered in series. In addition, DSPECIALISTS also manufactures its own devices. These include the 8-channel audio measuring device AUBION X.8, the audio and media control matrix HARVEY mx.16 and the upmix system ISOSTEM, for the sale of which international dealer networks are currently being established. And, as always, the company also continues to complete purely developmental projects.


Since 2005, DSPECIALISTS has been the exclusive sales partner for the DSP-/FPGA-based development systems of the company NUTAQ Inc. These systems are to be found above all in the research and development departments of institutes and companies in the fields of telecommunications, space travel, aeronautics, arms and the automotive industry.


The three founding members continue to play an active role in the company and the original team of three employees has grown in number to 18.