The new HARVEY product line gets its own name

The new HARVEY product line, previously known as HARVEY 8x8 or HARVEY 8x8-DA, is now called HARVEY Pro.

The name suffix "Pro" serves to clearly identify the current series, technically nothing changes.

HARVEY Pro is available in various IO configurations, which are appended to the name, e.g. HARVEY Pro 8x8, HARVEY Pro 16x8 or HARVEY Pro 8x8-DA.

Due to the available stock, the transition in the device name is smooth. From now on, the order should be placed under the name HARVEY Pro. If necessary, orders for a transition phase will be confirmed with HARVEY in order to keep the order designation consistent with the designation of the delivered goods.


HARVEY Pro - order designation

Example: HARVEY Pro 8x8-DA-AMP4


HARVEY Pro - back - slots

HARVEY Pro - slots