DSPECIALISTS receives Best Practice-Award

DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH, provider of development services and distributor of digital signal processing products was given the Best Practice Award from the German Institute for Standardisation. DIN bestows the award every year on companies who integrate standards into their business processes in a particularly exemplary manner thus promoting rationalisation, quality assurance and understanding. The award ceremony took place on 29 November 2012 at Berlin’s Museum for Communication and it comes with a prize of 5,000 euros.

DSPECIALISTS GmbH was founded in 2003 as a provider of development services in the area of digital signal processing and is today both a development services provider and a manufacturer of professional audio devices and measuring apparatus. In the company’s history of just under ten years, complying with standards has always played a major role.

As a services provider for DSP development, the company was already able to assert itself in an industry that is known for its strict quality requirements at an early stage. DSPECIALISTS achieved this, above all, by integrating existing norms and standards successively into its own development processes. When the company developed to become a product manufacturer as well, their focus turned increasingly towards the relevant national, European and international standards. Complying with these norms has established a firm base of customer loyalty, fulfilled the imposed legal requirements and minimised liability risks.