DSPECIALISTS presents a new version of HARVEY mx.16

DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH, provider of development services and products for digital audio signal processing will be presenting a more advanced version of the audio and media control matrix, HARVEY mx.16, at this year’s Prolight & Sound. This version has a Cobranet interface and, in addition to audio and media equipment, also controls lighting systems per DMX and can communicate with all established media control systems.

HARVEY mx.16 is equipped with a range of different interfaces and can be used to control various devices. Several HARVEY units can be connected to one another via Ethernet and exchange control commands. By extending the hardware with the optionally available Cobranet interface, audio data can also be exchanged between units thus increasing the number of available channels per device from 16 to 32.

With its new software version, the HARVEY mx.16 can also control lighting equipment per DMX. As such, all 512 DMX channels can be controlled individually via the media control interface.
The HARVEY and the devices connected to it can be controlled fully via the RS232, the RS485 and the Ethernet interfaces using all established media control systems such as Crestron, Cue and AMX.